Due to its unique production process, Simpsons’ DRC® can be used to substitute darker roasted malts in Dark Beers where the astringency and bitterness inherent to roast malts is not desired. This means that it can be used at a higher rate in the grist to add complex caramel and dried fruit notes with a beautiful red-brown hue.

Beer Styles:
Pale Ales, British Strong Ales, Belgian Abbey
Malt Flavour:
Heavy Caramel, Subtle Taste of Plums & Raisins

“We use Simpsons DRC® in a lot of our stouts and I really like the dark fruit, slightly acidic cherry and plum notes that you get along with the roast character. It’s a nice complex malt that really adds a lot to our darker beers.”
— Owen Ashmore, Head Brewer, Garage Beer Co.

Simpsons DRC Malt
Innehåll: 2kg krossad kornmalt
Färg: 280-320 EBC (European Brewing Convention)
Användning: Använd upp till 3-20% av maltnotan

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