Jäststam från amerikanska västkusten med mycket ren smak som förhöjer humlekaraktären.

Förjäsbarhet: hög
Alkoholtolerans: uppgift saknas, troligen 10-12%
Flockning: hög
Jästemperatur: 18-23 °C
Vikt: 10g
Dosering: 1 paket för upp till 20 liter öl. För starkare öl >7-8% rekommenderas 2 paket.

Active Dried Brewing Yeast suited for American style ales, promoting exceptionally clean flavor to accentuate hop character

With the craft beer movement being lead by the USA, there has been a demand for a yeast strain which emphasizes the expressive flavors of the unique ingredients used.
U.S. West Coast Yeast is a high attenuating, top-fermenting strain that ferments with almost completely neutral attributes across a wide range of wort strengths and temperature ranges. It produces a moderately high acidity which allows the tangy citrus hop aromas to really punch through, while also enhancing toasted and dark malt characters. If you plan to use a lot of expensive flavourful hops as the prominent feature of your beer, use this yeast.

Observable traits:

Aroma Characteristics:
A very neutral strain, even when fermented in higher gravity worts and warmer temperatures. Tangy citrus and pine hops aromas will be enhanced, as well as toasted and dark malt aromas.

Flavor/Mouth Feel Characteristics:
Beers fermented with this strain will finish dry and crisp. This strain is at its best in hop prominent American style ales. Very light ales may turn out a bit stripped, thin or astringent if care is not taken with the mash to favor dextrins and avoid over-extraction. Acidity is moderately high, boosting hop flavors and creating a clipped finish.

Higher Alcohol Beers:
Remaining very neutral, and producing a bit of acid to balance alcohol and malt, this strain excels in strong ales with simple malt bills. Alcohol will be a dominant flavor and aroma constituent, and may be quite warming but not harsh.

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