Rengöringslösning för digitala pH-mätare. Öppna bara påsen och för in elektroden/proben. Kan användas för alla pH-mätare och övriga mätare.

Milwaukee Cleaning Solution
Volym: 230ml

Cleaning solution is ideal for cleaning all pH, ORP and TDS meter's probes. To help maintain high performance and accuracy for any electrode, regular cleaning is required to remove the build up of dirt and setiment on the glass or carbon surfaces of a sensing probe. Use M10016B to help extend the life of the meter's electrode.

Electrode cleaning solution should not be a substitute for rinse and or storage solutions.

Sachet packaging means that you get fresh solution every time. Ideal for infrequent or field use. No risk of using an expired calibration solution.

Milwaukee cleaning solutions are designed to help you achieve reliable and repeatable measurements while extending the life of your electrode.

Fundamental for gently cleaning the electrode between uses and before storage.
Sealed against light and air.
Ideal for on-the-spot cleaning too.
Simply open, insert the tester or electrode into the sachet and gently stir let soak for 15 minutes.

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