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Conicus Pro 55L - Jäskärl för tryck i rostfritt stål

Conicus Pro 55L - Jäskärl för tryck i rostfritt stål

Conicus Pro 55L är ett koniskt jäskärl i rostfritt stål som klarar maxtryck upp till 2 bar (1 bar arbetstryck). Conicus Pro är tillverkad av högkvalitativt rostfritt stål och är robust, hållbar och designad för att ta din hembryggningsupplevelse till nästa nivå. Med ett unikt 3-tums siktglas som gör att bryggare kan observera öl, nivå och jäsningsprocessen som aldrig förr.Conicus Pro by BrewolutionHomebrewing enthusiasts, meet the Conicus Pro! The essence of innovation and functionality in the world of homebrewing and stainless-steel conical fermenters or Unitanks for short. This is not just another pressurised conical fermenter; it is the realisation of every homebrewer's ultimate dream, offered at a price range accessible to all. Made from quality stainless steel, the Conicus Pro is robust, durable, and designed to elevate your home brewing experience. All the ports you needConicus Pro comes with all the features and ports you need. Including a 1.5” tri-clamp stainless-steel butterfly sample valve and a 2” tri-clamp stainless-steel butterfly dump valve. It has an operating pressure of 1 bar. The Conicus Pro stands as a testament to advanced fermenting technology.3-inch Sight GlassThe unique 3” sight glass is a game-changer, allowing brewers to observe the beer, level, and fermentation process like never before. Additionally, the sight glass is designed for the future with focus and features for digital hydrometers. The sight glass lets transmission from devices like the Graviator or other digital hydrometers escape, ensuring data flow and precise monitoring of your brew.CIP CleaningThe fantastic feature of the Conicus Pro is its capability for CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaning. This method is not only easy and quick but also incredibly effective, guaranteeing comprehensive cleaning and sanitation.Temperature ControlStainless steel allows for effective temperature control. The Conicus Pro fits inside the Ferminator. With the Ferminator you can set the desired temperature and maintain this accurate temperature stable during the fermentation. It can also be easily integrated with an insulated jackets and coil chiller or other temperature control systems, providing stability during fermentation.In the box1x Conicus Pro Stainless-steel Fermenter1x 1,5” tri-clamp stainless-steel butterfly valve1x 2” tri-clamp stainless-steel butterfly valve1x 2” tri-clamp elbow 90°1x 3” Sight glass incl. 2 x gasket5x 1,5” tri-clamp blind cap1x 2” tri-clamp blind cap1x 4” tri-clamp blind cap5x 1,5” tri-clamp gasket4x 2” tri-clamp gasket1x 4” tri-clamp gasket5x 1,5” tri-clamp3x 2” tri-clamp1x 4” tri-clamp1x Airlock, 3-Piece1x Silicone Bung1x ManualSpecifications- Max volume: 57 L.- Max brew volume: 50-55* L. - Min brew volume: 20-25* L. - Working pressure 1 bar, max pressure 2 bar - Matt stainless-steel finish on the outside.- Super smooth stainless-steel finish on the inside.- Liter and US gallon scale on the inside.- 3” Sight glass with liter and US gallon scale- Stainless steel AISI 304- Lid: 1 x 4” port, 2 x 1,5” ports, 1 x 2” port- Body: 4 x 1,5” ports- 1,5” tri-clamp stainless-steel butterfly sample valve- 2” tri-clamp stainless-steel butterfly dump valve- 2 stainless steel handles- Airlock, 3-piece, and silicone bung incl.- Tree fixed legsSize & WeightHeight: 108,5 cm (115 cm with airlock)Diameter at the top: 42 cmWeight Gross: 21,5 kgWeight Net: 16 kg- See product image gallery for dimensions

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