50cl-aluminiumburkar i silver (standard blank aluminiumyta) i 207-pack med B64-profil (ej CDL). Även om de packas i sanitär miljö så rekommenderar vi att de desinfekteras innan bruk. Pga produktens natur kan en del burkar ha små ytmärken. 202 B64-profil (ej CDL). 

207 Aluminium Cans
This is a box of 207 cans and lids packed in cardboard box. These have been packed in sanitary conditions however due to the nature of the product we would recommend that you sanitise before use.

Also great for...
These cans are fantastic for preserving olives, mushrooms, other hot fill applications and many other products.

Dents in Transit
It is expected that you get up to 5% of the cans with dents in transit or damage in transit so please factor that into the purchase when you buy these cans. We would prefer if customers would pick up the cans from our premesis to avoid freight damage however if you would like them shipped to you please expect that some cans might be dented or damaged. Empty aluminium cans are quite delicate. If we were to pack these in more expensive cardboard box it would be more expensive than simply having some dented/sacrificial cans arrive.

Aluminium cans have clear benefits over glass. Some of these include:

1. Recyclable: They are more recyclable. (significantly higher percentage of cans gets recycled due to the fact that old glass is not economical to recycle without subsidies from the government). Aluminium has higher value as a bulk commodity making it more lucrative to recycle and therefore increasing the recycling rates.

2. Safer: Aluminium is safer and often the only choice for drinking around swimming areas, sporting events etc and obviously do not shatter like glass and less likely to be used as a weapon than glass.

3. Lighter: Cans are significantly lighter than glass

4. Impervious to light: Cans keep the beverage in complete darkness meaning your beer will never get light struck or damaged by light. This keeps the beverage in significanty better condition especially if drinking outdoors in sunlight.

5. Hermetic Seal: Unlike bottles that leak very small amounts of oxygen into the beverage and allow small amount of CO2 loss, aluminium cans are completely impervious to gas transmission meaning the beverage stays fresher for longer. This is particularly the gas for O2 ingress that shortens the shelf life of beer and reduces beer freshness and quality. It is the ultimate beer storage container for this reason alone.

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